Personal Kanban

Personal Kanban is an offline capable application or tool that implements kanban to manage work at personal level. Work items can be represented as records and columns to depict each stage of your work process. Columns can be as simple as ¨todo ¨, ¨in-progress ¨ and ¨done¨, or it can be complex to suit your flow.

See Project
Tiny Manager

Tiny Manager is a simple application that assists you in managing your pet projects. Along with project management it allows mundane management using todos and a simple notepad application, all at one place.


Timesheet is an application for managing and quickly accessing your daily work time. It has a minimalistic features set required and sleek design. Stop opening, closing your local text editor for persisting and calculating the timesheet and hours manually. Start using Timesheet now.

Made in India CSS

Made in India CSS is a collection of 15 distinct background patterns generated using linear and radial CSS gradients. You can use these tricolor gradient patterns in building your website or web application by importing the made-in-india css file and using various class.